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Oklahoma: Many Shades of Red

by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

I'm writing a preface for a new edition of my memoir, Red Dirt: Growing Up Okie, which first appeared in 1997 -- it's about my life growing up poor, rural, super-patriotic, and Christian fundamentalist in Oklahoma, and still becoming anti-imperialist, Marxist, anti-racist, and feminist. I am trying to deal with the red-state (the South and Midwest) / blue-state (the two coasts) dichotomy that reared its head during the 2004 presidential election as a part of the post-911 traumatic stress syndrome. Of course, nothing is that simple -- some states have razor-thin majorities of one or the other, while other states have significant regions or cities colored opposite to the state as a whole. Yet, one thing is certain: Oklahoma, electorally, fits comfortably into the red state category, and has for some time, long before the signifiers were coined. More>>


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